Supplemental Taxes

Congratulations on your new home! You can expect to get a LOT of mail from now on. Some of this will be from people who want to sell you things. You may want to toss some of this into the trash as junk mail, but there is one piece of mail that you should pay attention to.

The county will send you a Supplemental Tax Bill shortly after you buy your home. You should call your new lender immediately to find out whether they have also received a copy. If they haven’t send the one you’ve just received to them. When we set up your new loan with an escrow account, we made allowances for the supplemental taxes, so the lender will pay them, but only if they get a copy of the bill. This is not always automatic!

This short video refers to San Diego, but it applies to your county as well.

As always, you should reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help!

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